Ralph NaderThe Foreign Policy Leadership Council of Greater Cincinnati (FPLC) was formed in 2002 by persons interested in international matters. The FPLC has held over 150 meetings since then with notable speakers from around the world, including ambassadors, members of the House and Senate, government officials, academics, retired military and foreign service personnel and noted authors.  Past guests in the FPLC’s off-the-record small-group format include Madeleine Albright, Richard Clarke, Wendy Sherman and Rand Beers.  FPLC is non-partisan.

The mission of FPLC is to bring foreign policy to the grass-roots, so that an informed citizenry can enrich understanding of global matters.  It combines discussion with round-table meals, to encourage networking of a diverse audience. Topics are broad-ranging, covering the Middle East, the Baltics, trade, drones, biomedical engineering, climate change, military and security matters, cybersecurity, China, India and many other subjects.  Meetings occur often at Xavier University’s Cintas Center, but sometimes at a mosque, rabbinical college, church, restaurant or schoolhouse.

Frederick StarrThe FPLC is a non profit organization made up of volunteers who are interested in foreign policy as it impacts our region, our nation, and our world.

We believe that foreign policy cannot be left to the experts in world’s capitals but needs the perspectives from beyond the beltway. 

We meet for dinner and discussion about once a month featuring local, national, and global experts on policy issues about which the group wants to learn and discuss.

Visit the News & Events page to see some of our past as well as all our upcoming programs.